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We Always Work to Ensure Customer Satisfaction

At Safelife Auto Glass, our primary goal is to help you repair or replace your vehicle’s windshield and all Auto Glass needs to your satisfaction at the most affor

windshield windscreen replacement

dable prices in all Wisconsin area. To achieve our mission as Wisconsin’s expert in auto glass repair, we have certified technicians using the finest materials available to make sure you get back to the road safely, also we offer a mobile service with no charge and a lifetime warranty.


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It is important to have damage to your windshield required as soon as it has occurred, regardless of the severity. The professionals at Safelife Auto Glass proudly offer auto glass replacement, and windshield chip repair to anywhere in Wisconsin . We make customer satisfaction our highest priority and we always work to accommodate your busy schedule.

If mobile windshield replacement would best resolve your situation, we offer prompt mobile service with no extra charge. And if you're unsure about the severity of the damage to your windshield, our team of auto glass specialists can assess the situation and determine if you will in fact require auto glass replacement, or a simple repair.

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